How Integrity May Mean The Entire World to Yogis and Writers

The debacle of a genius: In some way, I can relate to Jonah Lehrer’s journalism faux pas (or misdeeds?). I know how it feels when people around you want more new things to read or listen from you every single day. The lesson learned? Humans’ creativity, even geniuses’, is limited. Admit that you’re tired, exhausted at all. Maybe that is much better than running ragged and settle for mediocrity. Or not? You be the judge.

Like most young people, I have been listening to an elderly tycoon who keeps repeating the significance of integrity in every step taken in this life. Truthfully, I got sick of that. Who doesn’t? It sounds like a broken old tape to my ears. But that was before I realize that the absence of integrity , or even a meager amount of integrity violation, means the end of the world to some people.

Because I also work in journalism world, let me  take Jonah Lehrer as an example. This 31-year-young author and public speaker has triggered massive outrage in the past few months. He is said and proven to have committed two big sins : fabrication of Bob Dylan’s quotes and (self?) plagiarism (source:

And because I also love doing yoga, let me scrutinize also what John Friend has done to his integrity affairs. I am not a staunch fan of anusara yoga yet it is one of yoga schools, though it originated partially from the ancient yoga in India. Friend is accused of committing intimate sexual rituals related to the modern pagan religion of Wicca.

Both cases offer invaluable lessons to learn. I find it easy to relate to these two heroes-turn-zeroes disasters. I am not saying I am as successful or widely known as mr. Friend and mr. Lehrer but I just want to emphasize the fact that anyone – whether or not s/he is famous or talented or intelligent – cannot be immune to the peril of lust, which is part of being a human being, and lie resulted from indolence.

It’s completely irrational to see other people who seem to possess everything you want without warning and sound reason excuses making the same mistake repeatedly, which at last strip them off what they previously earned for years with so much hard work. It’s tragic on one hand, and fair on the other hand.

And suddenly it dawns on me, once someone finds out and can exploits your list of sins for the sake of anything (some say for the sake of scientific objectivity or moral purity, but really how many of us can figure it out that way?), your life so to speak is over as a member of a certain society. It’s an utter disgrace that time cannot seem to heal rapidly.

Nevertheless, in the era of instant gratification and self indulgence instead of essence and real substance, it proves to be much easier for people to forget and forgive.

Author: akhlis

Writer & yogi

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