A Feast of Translators’ Souls at Erasmus Huis Jakarta (Photo Albums)

I was having a great time at Erasmus Huis #Jakarta , attending a celebration for translators of literary works. On stage the translators and the author of the translated work collaborated to read the original text and translation result as well as to bring the scene to life.

The long haired tall slender guy is Gustaaf Peek,an award winning author from the Netherlands,whose work titled ‘Dover’ is translated in the lit works translation workshop by the participants. And standing by his side,a blonde English lady named Kate Griffin who specializes in intl literature translated into English.

The workshop is an initial step towards an Indonesian literary translation centre,says Eliza Vitri Handayani the founder and director of InisiatifPenerjemahanSastra.org.

An interesting compilation of lit works and photos published by Lontar Foundation. Lontar is a tree whose leaves were used to write on. Lontar to Indonesia is like papyrus to Egypt. It’s what brought our ancestors to the higher civilization, historic age.

Simultaneous translation is such a pain for speakers,translators and listeners. Many distortions of meaning are found here and there unless the translators are actively involved in each and every progress of a given subject matter.

An impressive performance of a passage from Gustaaf Peek’s “Dover” by 3 female translators from Semarang. Mr. Peek himself said the depiction and translation process gave him a different fresh perspective on his own writing. He reckoned “Dover” too horrifying, and kidded “Who wants to watch such a horrifying movie?” as he explained his novel will be filmed.

The panel discussion last night: look at Arif Bagus Prasetyo, the man sitting at the right end. Isnt he an impersonator of mr @budionodarsono  (CEO and founder of Detik.com) ?

It is not a pricey wealth seminar that can bring me a great deal of money but this is something I’d really like doing even if I already have everything in life: arts and languages.


3 responses to “A Feast of Translators’ Souls at Erasmus Huis Jakarta (Photo Albums)”

  1. Tadinya kami ‘keder’ saat mendengar harus naik panggung untuk membacakan hasil terjemahan. Tapi, setidaknya bagiku, setelah berada di atas sana, melihat karya kami disimak… rasanya luar biasa!

  2. Betul. Penerjemah kan terbiasa di balik layar, eh di depan layar (laptop) ding. haha

  3. […] sudah tertera dalam agenda. Yang membuat deg-deg-an adalah kami diharapkan membacakannya sambil membuat pertunjukan. Mana tahaaan! Tapi semua berjalan lancar dan aku juga menikmati pengalaman baru […]

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