Is Yoga for Thin People? Maybe…


I’ve been asked both implicitly and explicitly whether yoga is a type of workout for those with light body weight.
I cannot provide a satisfactory answer. Besides my being a novice, I lack depth of knowledge to answer it in any possible aspects.
But once again, if I really have to answer, I would say MAYBE.


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4 responses to “Is Yoga for Thin People? Maybe…

  1. Sama sekali tidak. Bobotku 60kg tapi toh bisa-bisa aja split, kayang dll…. Kalau latihan di sanggar, saat instrukturku memberi gerakan yang agak heboh dan teman-teman pada ga bisa dengan alasan bokong kegedean, dia selalu nunjuk aku yang tebal ini… hehehe….

  2. Aku cuma 45, tante..Minta hibah 5 kg dong biar ideal dikit. Haha , it seems like you’re an exceptional case!

  3. tak bisa cium dengkul karena keganjel muffin top….*lalalalala*

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