Jokowi Fashion Disaster Any Thin People can Relate to

The photo credit goes to Felicia, the woman above. Here Jokowi the new governor of Jakarta was standing with Ong Hock Chuan and Felicia.
As everyone can see, Joko Widodo’s ultra thin look didn’t look impressive. Terrible, if I dare to say. Suppose I were the governor’s fashion adviser, which Mr. Ong did advise me to become or try to apply, I would recommend him that he should need that fine checkered shirt properly fitted.
I too know how it feels to have this kind of body type. Ectomorph, if I am not mistaken, is the dream of those who long for snacking one night without gaining a single pound the next morning. I know it is such a blessing and I do feel that way. But when it comes to picking clothes, sizes are all that matters. I mean it. You dont know how it feels to be at a number of clothing stores looking for clothes with the right size for your petite figure. The clothing seem to be created for bigger waisted men, taller guys and with five-foot-three-inch frame I have, I find it always challenging to really find out clothes that won’t make me look like a skinny boy wearing his daddy’s outfits.
And yes, my father once suggested I wear baggy-style trousers and any clothes that, as he put it, “can hide my weaknesses”. These weakness correcting clothes, according to my father, should make me look a bit bigger.
I beg to differ though. I am against his fashion advice, which is completely obnoxious! That explains why I had been trying so hard to find clothes that fit my tiny body.
And what I am against most is not because it looks archaic and uncool only to contemporary style but the idea that tiny people must cover themselves with more fabric just to create bigger illusion! No dad, I just want to feel proud of whatever my body looks like!

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