This Mobile App Helps You Study Foreign Languages by Videos

Smartphone App Useful Study Aid for Language Learners

Smartphones make it possible to watch videos anywhere, but there are still certain limitations to watching videos on smartphones or tablet PCs since different devices can require different formats. As a result a range of apps have been developed that can support a different video formats, including ReplayerHD Pro.
A large number of apps are already available in Apple’s App Store that enable videos to play on smartphones or smart pads, but ReplayerHD Pro stands out with several unique features.
First of all, the function of supporting subtitles is easy to use. Users can simply tap on the subtitles on the screen to change the color of the font, and drag them to a place they want them to appear.

Another function is sets certain portions of a video to be replayed. This is especially useful for those who wish to learn English by watching Anglophone TV dramas or Hollywood films. Users can create the setting by touching the start and end points they want to repeat. They can also use a dictation function to dictate certain dialogue and compare it with the subtitles.
Users can also select their favorite scenes or lines and e-mail them to other people or upload them on Twitter or Facebook. The creators apparently had language students in mind when they developed this app, and ReplayerHD Pro makes life a lot easier for them because they increasingly use mobile devices for their study.


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