Time’s 25 Best Blogs Selection

Pundits keep predicting that blogging will die off, a victim of Facebook, Twitter and other simpler methods of self-expression. But the blog is still thriving; it’s just evolving. Today’s blogs offer everything from serious investigative journalism to silly photos, and they’re created by everyone from talented amateurs to staffers at some of the world’s largest media companies. We picked 25 gems, focusing on ones that aren’t yet household names. Once you’ve checked out our favorites, let us know about yours in the comments.

Among others are:


In April, Scottish schoolgirl Martha “Veg” Payne set up the blog NeverSeconds to share photos and critiques of the meals served at her school. It’s been pretty much nonstop drama since then. Kids from all over the world who liked Martha’s pictures started sending her reports on their own food. She earned praise from celebrity chef Jamie Oliver — and the ire of school administrators, who briefly tried to shut down the blog on the grounds that her unsparing reviews were hurting the feelings of lunch ladies. Best of all, she’s raised over £100,000 (almost $200,000) to help feed needy kids.


The Billfold is about money and how people spend it. But CNN Money or Consumer Reports this is not. The site defines its mission liberally, and its approach to theoretically straightforward subjects is often offbeat. The headlines alone are fascinating: “Does Fried Chicken Taste Better When It’s Free?” “My New Career Plan: Reality Show Contestant.” “The Best Single-Use Gadgets: A Biased Guide.” Like many of the best blogs, the Billfold is both serious and silly in a way that makes for addictive reading
Read more: http://techland.time.com/2012/10/22/25-best-blogs-2012/#ixzz2A6XxxTQR

Read more: http://techland.time.com/2012/10/22/25-best-blogs-2012/#ixzz2A6XBUyBp

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