Indonesian Bloggers Day 2012: Blogging is Easy. Consistency and Authenticity are Not!

First thing first, let me congratulate Indonesian bloggers on the National Bloggers Day 2012. It is the third annual commemoration if my memory serves right. The minister of communications and informatics of the Republic of Indonesia, Tifatul Sembiring,  officiated the day three years ago (October 27th, 2009). I would never forget the day easily as the date is also my birthday.

As recent as this morning, I saw this provoking blog post title of a seasoned digital media practitioner Nukman Luthfie: “Mengapa Perlu Aktif Ngeblog Lagi?” (Why (You) Have to Actively Blog Again?) . In his blog post, he elaborates several reasons why blogging, instead of social media, still remains the best tool to document our ideas, thoughts, feelings, and emotions published in chunks called blog posts.

As we can easily observe these days, the trend of social media is on the rise. Everyone seems to be talking about the miracle of social media. The craze is overwhelming at times.

Nukman and many other formerly active bloggers have been getting dormant for several days, months, and even years. The severity levels do vary but one thing in common is that bloggers are gradually or drastically shifting to social media.

That doesn’t surprise me anymore. Considering how easy people can tweet and post an update on Facebook, of course blogging entails more intellectual hard work, expertise, time, depth of knowledge, and so forth. And what strikes me more is the fact that people now tend to blog shorter. They want to write a blog post that gets read only in 2-3 minutes, 5 minutes top, I assume. Look at or Both famed news portal in Indonesia share real authentic news content with ultra brevity. It contains only around 200-500 words in each piece. Some are even 100! And they get read still, thanks mostly to provoking and mischievous wording in the titles.

Today, when everyone can literally build a blog, they can also leave their blogs that easily too. And I have to admit, being a consistent blogger with unwavering frequency of rolling out a new post and similar perseverance day by day is not a piece of cake. Some others prefer blogging regularly by sacrificing their content quality and authenticity, for example by plagiarizing. It happens and we have to make a choice.

But once again, to sum up this brief blog post, I’d say our existence on social media cannot replace the importance of writing a neatly organized blog. You can easily trace back a blog post on the web but as far as it is well tagged and indexed by the major search engines. But tracing a given tweet that got published, let’s say, 60 hours ago is even a greater challenge.

Yet, I’m not saying every blogger must delete their social media accounts. It’s just that we need to ensure which one is our home and which one is our hangout spots. Social media is cool but never replaces the role of blogs. Never ever. Instead, I’m convinced the two are supportive to each other. Social media needs a blog as a library of the rapidly buried but worth sharing, invaluable ideas and shoutouts. Likewise, a blog needs social media presence to attract visitors and generate leads.

Author: akhlis

Writer & yogi

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