Locavore Movement


Have you ever heard of “locavore”? If you have not, let me explain why this may mean more than a fancy, novel word to our ears.

It refers to people who consume and love local foods. The word itself was first introduced by a group of culinary fans attempting at eating local foods grown and produced within 160 kms from where they live, which happens to be San Fransisco, the US. In 2005, locavore was named the word of the year according to New Oxford American Dictionary 2007.

The locavores initially started the movement by curiously finding out different ways they can apply to their daily diets. What is certain is they avoid foods grown with pesticides, chemical fertilizers and antibiotics, industrially generated produces, and sold in packages mostly seen in urban supermarkets.

The movement is spreading and can unite those who are highly concerned with environmental issues, health, nutrition and food lovers. Locavores let us get to know who grow plants we eat every day, how they do it and brings us back to the root: home cooking.

3 thoughts on “Locavore Movement

  1. Nice post. We’re localvores at my house. As you say, we get to know who grows what we eat, and one thing that we get out of it (that surprised us) was the increased sense of community. Even just being reminded that *people* grow food is a good thing in these days!

    1. Hi! Thank you for leaving comments. I guess we’re now at the peak of industrialization and slowly shifting to pre-industrialization era mindset and life style. We miss mother nature more than ever.
      You’re right, the machines are getting bigger yet the yields (and fields) are getting smaller.

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