Showers as Chakra-Opening Rituals that Also Cleanse

The ChakraShower Ritual: 

The main focus of the ChakraShower is to make a conscious connection between our energy centers and the water flow. The technique below reflects a simple and powerful method of connecting the shower to our energy centers, bringing consciousness to each stage of our energetic being. We energize ourselves and we energize the water; this is a method of cogeneration. 

This technique will focus on the seven major chakra points and also the chakras in the hands and feet. 

  • Prepare for the shower, acknowledge that the shower or bath is a healing, sacred space.
  • Take care of physical cleansing as usual, thanking the water as one cleanses
  • Ground feet by spraying water on sole of each foot, then do likewise with the hand chakras. The feet act as the receptive ground, the hands act as the active focal point of consciousness.
  • Perform the ChakraShower ritual (as described below, or whatever flows naturally for you – please share your ideas and experiences by emailing them to insight “at”
  • Finish shower and thank the water as it flows away.

The beauty of ritual is that it needs only to be approached with an open, loving conscious mindstate, to be aware of the water’s nature of carrying our energy back to the ocean and on to our fellow human beings, and all life on earth. If you feel like singing, stretching, chanting, sitting, or whatever in the shower the water will connect and remember this, but you must be conscious of the water, otherwise the flow will be unconscious and will not affect the water in the same manner. 

The main point is to approach the shower as a ritual of giving conscious thanks to the water flow, to re-energize our water supply with conscious Love/Light and then it will be carrried back out to the world. It will also create a positive, beneficial flow into your own life since what you give is what you receive. 

The shower is one of the most important and powerful interfaces we experience with water and is very often the only connection we physically allow ourselves externally on a daily basis, apart from washing hands, brushing teeth…of which can be equally focused on with conscious attention. 

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