Free Download Trados 2011 (Trial Version)

 For any of you who really want to give Computer Assisted/ Aided Translation tools (CAT) a try,  maybe you need to download and use this before making a purchase.

Here is the link: Hope it doesn’t get blocked because in some of my connection the file sharing service sites like mediafire get blocked.

Clue: After downloading all the files in the folder on Mediafire, click twice disk1.exe to unite all the separate files. Trados Studio 2011 and Multiterm 2011 will be of great help for a professional translator or a pro translator wannabe like me.

Happy downloading…

Thanks to Arfan Achyar, my fellow translator for providing the link above.

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1 Response to Free Download Trados 2011 (Trial Version)

  1. Misa says:

    Hi, I´m a translation student. I downloaded the SDL Trados 2011 Trial succesfully but I´m having trouble activating it. I can access activation code. Could you please give me a piece of advice? Thank you.

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