Exercise More, and Be Happier with Your Life

If you think physical workout brings you muscles and better health exam results only, think again. Some scientists found that whenever someone exercise longer or heavier, s/he is likely to feel more content with whatever s/he has now as a human being. Sounds great huh?

“Shifts in depression, anxiety, and stress would be expected to influence a person’s satisfaction with life at any given point in time,” says David Conroy, professor of kinesiology. “In addition, fatigue can be a barrier to engaging in physical activity, and a high Body Mass Index associated with being overweight may cause a person to be less satisfied in a variety of ways.”(source: futurity.org)

That, I guess, is no more big secret. In my case, I almost always feel lighter and happier to a certain extent whenever I can find time and space to do some brief yoga session, sweat a bit, gasp a bit. I used to hate workouts and I grew as a sport hater to be brutally honest. Yet now I’ve changed my mind completely.

So when my couch potato friend said,”Maintaining health is the business of minds. Think positively and everything’s gonna be OK”. He is very likely NOT to realize the existing mutual relationship between physical and mental wellbeing. And for everyone of you who happen to abbhor exercise, I feel sorry for you. That’s like a suicidal option to me.

Now’s the time! Leave that couch and move!

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