On Writing: Speed or Quality?

laptopAn American journalist named A. J. Liebling (1904-1963) says:

I can write better than anybody who can write faster and I can write faster than anybody who can write better.

It is a bit annoying that someone wants the best from you as a writer, journalist, or social media manager when you’re not given the appropariate time amount needed for the craftmanship. With more time, comes high extraordinary quality. That’s what I strongly believe.

One has to choose which one is the priority: quality or speed. Because we can’t have it all at the very same time!

Instead of arguing which one is better, let’s do it this way. Figure out what we have to focus on. When, for example, I want my writing published and read as fast as I can as a blog post like now, then I just write as fast as I could and ignore the quality. I don’t proofread, I don’t double check any single thing. I just type anything on my mind and hot the publish button immediately. Later if I have more time to reread it, I may edit or make some necessary changes but mostly I don’t.

But when I really want to produce analytical writeups, I try to overlook the demand of speed writing. That was exactly I did when I long time ago started blogging. It was fun, all I wanted to do is just to attract more and more people to my blogs. That was it. And I pretty much did’nt give time a damn. It often took me a whole day just to write a single piece and at the end I was very content with that.

Author: akhlis

Writer & yogi

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