My First Flight Experience

First experience is always unforgettable. Tonight I officially am no longer a flight virgin. Yes, as an acrophobic I’m quite proud of myself for having such a calm attitude while take off.

Lots of new things happened. Going to airport, which is a new, completely new site to visit, was not in my wildest imagination. But this acrophobic bitch should not,or even must not, preventing me from enjoying the world, learning new cultures, getting to know new people, or enriching my life.

Enough about what happened with the traffic and that car little accident. That was such a shame and I swear that was funny, if I were not me.

Forget that anyway.

So rather than thinking of the possibilities that this plane is flying high above the earth’s surface and may crash somehow, I prefer occupy my mind with this: thinking of how crazy nvel experiences I will have in Korea. I’ll be there, I’ll be breathing the Korean air, drinking the Korean water, seeing Korean chicks, stomping on Korean ground, and bla bla bla.

Seriously I cannot shut my eyes for a night slumber this morning in the flying plane. Hope I can stay there forever…without the fear of witnessing any wars of course.

(Written on my offline smartphone on June 2, 2012 Saturday morning)

P. S. : The video shows my tour guide Rose lee (Lee Kye-suk) who is kind enough to sing us a song of farewell. Bye Rose Lee, see you again.

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