Glee – The Sluggish

3 January 2012
Chapter 1: Glee

I knew him very little. This outspoken Chinese university of Indonesia alumnus seemed to be a vocal worker. He obviusly spoke a lot in front of us right on his first working day, which was Monday. As someone with strong introversion tendency, I found him irking. He seemed to have an abundant supply topics to talk about.
First impression was bearable. But it increasingly turned unbearable from time to time. She picked this slanted-eyed plump guy based on some reason I never figured out. Maybe because she is impressed by the GPA, the university he attended (which is exactly the same state university her rival attended), or his writing skills? I have no idea, even until this very second. Or it could be just a random selection.
Glee proved himself a man of complaint and lofty words but absent of actions. He was hired as a reporter. And as a reporter, he was obliged to write news. Our employer required him to write educational news and articles.
What I still remember from him is his image sitting in front of me, typing on that Lenovo computer I should have been using but couldn’t. Once in a while, he stopped typing on it and staring at his femininely-built cell phone, the Sony Ericsson flip phone, which I happened to adore.
“How could she want me to do this?” He sighed and leaned back on his chair, still scratching his head. He seemed to disagree with our boss’ approach towards the site management. We do sometimes but we have worked here longer than he did. He was kind of not entitled to letting that unbecoming comment out of his mouth. I cringed, learning his overt criticism which I was quite sure would lead him to his own ruin. In no time, I knew I was right.
He was surely capable of writing well but at a very slow pace, which was relatively an issue when it comes to online media. We want it fast. The more, the faster, the better. We have always been crazed about metrics. Not a perfect approach that can work in the long run, but well what can I do about it? I ain’t the boss.
This slow reporter hated lunch. “I only eat twice a day,” he proudly declared. I grinned, and look where the eating habit got you, I mumbled. He is a twenty something lad weighing more than I do. But that is obscure considering the fact that I’m the thinnest of all. I can safely assume from his stout heavy figure, he weighed somewhere between 60-70 kilograms.
The Friday afternoon came. We just came back from lunch. Some moslem coworkers even came into the office later than they were supposed to. The HRD was always lenient about that punctuality issue. So it was fine as long as workload is completed on time.
All gathered but Glee. He was nowhere to be seen. It was raining outside. “Who knows he is still having lunch out there without having an umbrella with him?” I answered with a rethorical question, not hoping it satisfy the curiosity.
The employer appeared and not pleased upon learning the situation. She made me call him on the phone.I had no choice. I called. But before that, I texted. He replied right away, telling me he had something urgent to do outside. We were sort of curious and after calling, we found out a really inconceivable fact that this 5-day-old intern was leaving his working desk without prior notice. Needless to say, we could tell that it was a career suicidal act. Very thoughtless of a supposedly shrewd young man.
He admitted to be on his way to Bandung. His BFF got an accident and was sent to the hospital there. We did understand his being so loyal a buddy but as an intern, his ignorance was too much. That very night, he called me, saying he just got fired on the phone. It was confirmed she had fired him, as she called me after Glee did to prevent him from coming to the office again. I was so stunned, knowing all these turmoils.
I was an intern as well, so I couldn’t imagine what might happen if I was like Glee, daring to leave the office without the employers’ permission and regretting deeply after that. “That’s not going to happen to me”, I told myself repeatedly that night before going to bed. Even if I have to leave someday, that would mean I resign in a noble way, not owing to my negligence or thoughtlessness.
Glee had only sat at that desk for 5 consecutive working days. A very short lived career here. Up to now, I am still amazed by his short presence in our workplace.
“Au revoir, Glee,” I bid farewell to him the following week by deleting his music files on the Lenovo laptop. Too bad, I found the Corrs songs on it too as I was exploring the PC’s data storage. I couldn’t delete them. And that day, I just learned we have got something in common. Our favorite band is the Corrs. But I afterwards felt relieved. Finally, I got this laptop. It’s been a while and I wasn’t provided a laptop to work with. So I easily set aside the fact that we have something in common and yelled by heart,”Thank God, you’re fired.”

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