How Blogging Landed Me a Job (2)

In case you miss the first part, here’s it is.

For several months, this Internet marketer taught me for free how to market content via blogs, building links, etc. It may be too basic and un-sophisticated but for a newbie like me, what he taught me was a lot and useful. He even let me use his article spinning software. He paid me really cheap at that time, thanks to my “foolishness” and desperation announcing a flat rate of my writing service way too low. Around 50 times lower and my English, as he put it, is almost native-like.


We chatted mostly on Skype and GTalk. He even opened up himself a little bit , saying he was actually was born in Indonesia but moved there. He is a Chinese descendant. Yan, that’s how I know him, even wanted to buy me a better connection so i could work faster at home with ease. My hometown isn’t a big city with better infrastructure so the connection speed (in 2009) was really far from “satisfactory”. Though I always wanted to speed up (so as to earn more money), Yan advised, “One at a time”. I couldn’t contain my joy every time he paid me via Paypal. I knew I could’ve earned more for a start, it was not bad at all.


Therefore, if I have to tell people what benefits I can reap from blogging, I would say many, among other things are:

  • Keep me sane: It’s damn hard, to stay same especially if you always deal with rejection for a long period of time. Gradually, your confidence and self esteem gets undermined. It’s not easily seen but creepy enough to encourage you think of something as absurd as …comitting suicide. Because every and each rejection pushes you deeper into the quicksand of desperation.
  • Hone my writing talents: Every day i managed to phblish 1-2 blog posts . And that was a great exercise for my writing muscles which needed warmups. I didn’t know when exactly the job came over but I just knew it was approaching. Blind faith? Over optimism? You judge.
  • Convince people I can do something well: Most employers want their job candidates  professional enough. And blogging serves that well for aspiring writers or professional bloggers. I guess that’s my philosophy:”Pretend to be a writer and you’ll be one”. Being a blogger, I tried to become a good writer. I tried hard to resemble and initiate the pros, in my own style.

And I still remember that sense of relief,  when I showed my blogs to my potential employer. It’d dawned on me, blogs can be part of our professional portfolios, particularly when it comes to digital workplace.

One thought on “How Blogging Landed Me a Job (2)

  1. Of course, it could be part of our professional portfolios.

    Have had a chance to successfully get my writing assignment two years ago by just showing my blog. Then started to utilize the same method ever since.

    Thanks for sharing!

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