International Yoga Day


Today is international yoga day! Though I have no idea why this date was picked, I thought it is not what really matters. What is more important is the spirit of yoga itself seeping through our souls.

This morning saw me leading 5 sets of sun salutation A. It sounded simple but was a nerve-wrecking experience of a yoga teacher wannabe like me. There were 80-ish people following my instructions. My voice went shaky all of  sudden. Breathing order was in a complete mess. I hesitated some nano seconds only to check the asanas’ Sanskrit terms were properly mentioned or not. I may have fainted before completing the round but I managed to do it. Such a relief!

Apart from the mind-blowing brief teaching real experience, I had to say I missed the yoga practice as a mere form of enjoyment. I really don’t want to think hard when I am doing yoga. The thing is I can do it as a student. But because I learn as a teacher now, the point of view is drastically altered. I must think even while, let’s say, lying with eyes shut in savasana (corpse pose). I have to listen to every single word my guru says while guiding our savasana because sooner or later I have to say the same thing as a teacher. So teaching yoga in my opinion is much different from doing yoga. Entirely different. That explains why even an experienced guru who teaches all day long still has to allocate his or her own ‘me time’, which means s/he practices on his or her own, focusing on his or her mind, body and soul, and temporarily abandoning the noble obligation of fixing others’ mistakes, transferring knowledge, etc.

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