How Many Articles Should You Write Every Day?”

English: Sarah Lacy at South by Southwest in 2...
English: Sarah Lacy at South by Southwest in 2008. Français : Sarah Lacy à South by Southwest en 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As someone who deals with languages and writing every single day, I am still haunted by the question:” How many words or articles should I produce every day?”

Though I’ve been working as a professional web content writer for a couple of years now, I still search for the right answer. The thing is there is no one exact answer to this question. Even if there is any, the answer may vary from time to time.

But if I have to provide an answer or two to this, I’d say, in the same amount of time, we ought to:

  1. Write fewer articles if we emphasize more on quality, or
  2. Write more articles if you chase after quantity or hits.

I personally choose the first over the latter, though it is in fact very challenging to stick with it throughout my entire career.

Sarah Lacy’s idea that blogging professionally without succumbing to the command of hits and page views is possible is something I really long for. Too bad Sarah Lacy is not my employer. To Lacy, a reporter or writer doesn’t have to write 6 to 10 articles or blog posts a day. On the contrary, s/he needs to publish ONLY 1-2 high quality, long, in-depth articles every single working day, which sounds too good to be true.

I do envy such a privilege. It is a privilege to work under such a liberating online journalism and working pattern, don’t you think so?”

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