My Journal : Moving the Mindset from a Self-Taught Student to a Teacher

I started practicing yoga from my own bedroom. I had no teacher. I had no friends. I just had myself, a book titled “The Wonder of Yoga” by Leslie Kaminoff, and a sheer curiosity. Not being able to  afford a pricey yoga class at a premium yoga studio or fitness center, I just did what I could.I experimented. A lot of trials and errors. It’s safe to say I was more amateurish than a novice in a typical yoga class.

To me, yoga is a self practice. It is only about me. Private, that’s how I can describe my yoga practice at the very outset. I locked my room and spread anything on the floor (Seriously, I didn’t have a mat). I never let anyone know I was doing yoga.

Only some months later, I found a class offered by a generous community at a nearby park by chance. That was how I started to do yoga in public and to officially become a student of an instructor, a teacher, a guruji or anyone with more experience who can provide me guidance.

As I practiced in public, I learned a vast array of information and knowledge, a bunch of supportive friends, etc. Then along came competition, in terms of asanas, I won quite easily thanks to my relatively bendy body.

Yoga, however, is not only about bendiness, flexibility and asanas. (Even if it were so, I’d have been extremely easily satisfied and cocky as I can be). And I thank God it is not. That is part of why I participate in the teacher training.

Within these last 2 years, I only practice yoga for myself in my own room and a student in a weekly public class. Hence, it never occurred to me that I would be a yoga teacher or must be one someday.

My mindset is of a student’s for the time being. We all know how hard and long it is to shift a mindset that is rooted from quite a long time. And I basically grew as a yogi  yoga enthusiast with this type of mindset.

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