My Yoga Flow Chart: Pincha Mayurasana


This is how I do pincha mayurasana ( from the upper left corner moving to the right, going down, moving to the left, going down again and moving to the right). Starting with the preparation, flat back, lengthen the spine. Rest your fore arms and knees on the mat. Interlock the fingers altogether. Slowly walk towards your head. Make sure you keep the back as straight and active as you can. Don’t forget to strengthen the whole part of shoulders. They serve as the foundation. If you are not sure your shoulders are strong enough, try to hold them in dolphin pose. Kick upwards with one of your legs and shift the whole body weight to the shoulders and fore arms. Keep breathing. Stay balanced for 2-3 breaths. Look slightly downward in ‘the third eye’ between the two eyes. Keep the whole body especially the core muscles really engaged throughout this asana practice. To add some extra challenge, balance the body on your elbows only. I cannot but I managed to lift one of my forearms.

Try this at home but do it with full awareness, great care and an experienced guru who can supervise and adjust your moves, especially if you are a completely new novice. It is vital to avoid injuries.

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