Yoga is Not Ballet


Some people confuse yoga with ballet. I have heard of this enough and decided to provide some brief concise explanation on this wrong prevalent assumption.

Yoga to me is more of complete exercise for body, mind and soul. But ballet is inclined to be work of arts. Some of the yogic ‘moves’ are different from ballet ones. One of them is Eka Pada Palavasana. But in yoga we do not say ‘move’ but ‘asana’, meaning pose .
I do not know how a ballet dancer is taught but what I know is a yogi focuses not only on the asanas a/he is doing but also the breathing technique called ‘pranayama’. Prana is energy. So when you stop breathing, you have no energy, which translates to death.
And yoga is not only about flexibility. It is larger than that. It is also about strength, compassion, love, self recognition, etc.
And though it has some Hinduism root, in my opinion, yoga can be practiced without us having to convert into it. Because there are universal values in yoga and they know no borders of faiths or religions. Drop what you do not need and take what you do need. That is what I have done so far. I am a moslem practicing yoga but that doesnt mean I leave my faith behind. Yoga practice in fact puts me into a fresher perspective towards life and my belief systems.

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