Yoga and Introversion


To tell you the truth, I am a proud introverted person. I adore silence. I enjoy myself without anyone else around me. I even once gave a thought of living in a remote island where no one could literally find me, just like Robinson Crusoe, the stranded fictitious Englishman narrated by Daniel Defoe. The notion of living all alone was so tempting as I don’t really have to consider anyone else’s presence, objection, unkind attitude, etc. Ain’t that such a bliss? So what does introversion have to do with yoga? Ok, let me tell you that introverted folks need to adopt yoga so as to prevent acute depression or severe loneliness from occuring. That explains why yoga to me is the best workout an introverted person can have. Am I exaggerating this? Well, maybe but I have my own strong reasons. First, yoga allows me to dive into my unknown Self, make peace with my dark sides which I had never acknowledged or recognized before. Yoga practice leads me to a better understanding of myself, my soul, my body, my mind. In and out. Second, yoga provides me huge infinite space to stay away from the crowd. As an introverted, I feel so stressed out when I have to deal with too many people at the same time. Practicing yoga alone is possible, and even practicing together, one is allowed to focus on himself more and ignore the external chaotic world. The detachment from the physical world around me makes me high, calms this restless, monkey mind. And out of nowhere, a new world arises in my mind. The new world is just like the real world, only better, simpler, full of compassion, no pressure, and pristine.

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1 Response to Yoga and Introversion

  1. Lin says:

    i’m also an introvert (though i have my extrovert moments too), and i can attest that what you said about yoga really applies. it has given me a calm that i just didn’t have before. together with meditation (which i believe is also strongly recommended for introverted individuals) yoga has enriched my day to day life 🙂 great post…

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