Today’s Peak Pose: Himalayasana


Himalayasana may be one of the most challenging asanas I have ever learned thus far. The pose as explained by my teacher at Indonesia Yoga School shows us the grandeur of Himalaya, the highest mountain on earth.

Interested in trying this pose? Come to your ‘lazy’ urdhva dhanurasana. Why ‘lazy’? Because himalayasana does not need us to bend back too deeply. The deeper your backbend, the weaker the foundation will get (because backbending sucks out our energy a lot). And this is dangerous if you want to try himalayasana which relies on firm foundation (two limbs i.e. one leg and one arm).
Then find the balance by placing one of  your heels inward. For example, if you want to use the right side as the foundation, place the right heel slightly inward. Slowly lift your left leg in folded position and once you manage to do that, try putting your left palm on the chest. Stay there or proceed to the next option by straightening the upper leg and the upper arm. Hold for 1 or 2 breaths. But if that is not challenging enough, grab the toe of your upper leg with your upper hand. Voila! You are now in himalayasana…

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