Getting Rich from Writing


“If you want to get rich from writing, write the sort of thing that’s read by persons who move their lips when they’ree reading to themselves.”- Don Marquis


Once I was asked by Guna, a close friend of mine at work, “I want to write but don’t know how to start.” And another request is from a fellow yogi who happened to find it difficult to pour her thoughts into words. A piece of advice I gave them is surprisingly like this. Just write like you talk or explain things to someone else, I advised. It may sound hassle free for pros but yeah I think that is how good way of writing is explained. It is not a one-size-fits-all rule but mostly applies in any cases. And Don Marquis quite hit the bull’s eye when he stated that. Writing should be flowing in such a natural way like we talk, chat, converse. It should convey the most complex ideas with the simplest structures and lexicon. Often times that is how I begin writing in fact. I listen to private chats. I overhear heart to heart conversations. I intercepted small talks between coworkers, family members, employers and employees, and …voila! I am suddenly inundated with materials to get written. So when you start with listening a lot, you will find it easier to write naturally, which to most readers is more appealing than any other methods. Are you ready to listen and write now?

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