Are There Any Solutions for Mediocre Writers? Commitment!

They stalk my blog, read my Facebook walls, see my tweets, and they think I am skillful at arranging words, and thus such a good writer I need to publish a book. Yet how could I end up being like a failure?

First thing first, I need to be really objective about myself. Am I that good? I am quite sceptical about this but yeah, maybe I am and I will be if I write much better. One thing I myself have doubt about is the commitment to this writing job. I mean, real writing job because so far I am not really a writer. I am more like a translator (and that makes me wonder if a translator is truly a failed writer trying desperately making money with his/ her lingustic competency?) I don’t want to be like a fellow writer who just surf the web, copy and paste here and there to produce a book in almost an instant. Wait, doesn’t she even bother quoting and mentioning the sources in a correct manner? I am not sure. Hopefully, she does. She does…

Second, maybe my approach is not that professional. Believe it or not, so far I have applied the just-write-it approach in my writing pieces, if they deserve to be called so. I have no particular method. I just flow with the train of thoughts. I never use any main points, guidelines, or schemes. And I don’t even proofread my own compositions. Yes, I sound like an amateurish. Sometimes I think that is my own style, but the other times I know I ought to fix this soon.

Three, there is so little time to read and do thorough research but obviously too much workload. I love deadlines but then you have to know that to me doing work under pressure breaks me down.  And this lack of time amount is just impossible to prolong in the world where quantity is above all.

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