Orgasms in Writing: The Oh-Yes Moments a Writer Seeks to Experience

English: penulis = writer
English: penulis = writer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let me tell you that I have orgasms at work. Multiple ones, to be exact. They’re fun. I have them right in front of my colleagues. I feel liberated and satiated in spite of their presence. True, it’s an undescribable type of feeling. They happen every time I post an article. It is not an article that I just paraphrase but one that I write on my own. Like this one, the blog post I am writing now. This is one is the piece I write myself, slowly, without any considerable distraction in the process and I simply like the topic. This is absolutely a thing that I’m so familiar with. I know what I’m writing about and that alone provides totally different an impact on me as a writer.

And after finsihing the whole thing and hit that “publish” button, I afterwards tweet and share them. I am a content producer, articles generator, as well as a content marketer. Sometimes I use different wordings to attract followers and fans to come and read. The pre-climax would be to find and see a significant amount of readers coming. 100, 200, 600 and 1000 and still counting, the climax is drawing nearer. Love the sensation so much!

But in fact, the orgasm just isn’t yet to come. When people retweet, give positive feedback, like and share the content I create wholeheartedly, that is precisely I have an orgasm as a writer.

Thus the keyword here is “wholehearted”. It resembles a sexual intercourse in any possible ways.  And that’s also what other creative workers experience I guess. When the creative work is done wholeheartedly by an artist, s/he will reach that oh-yes moment. That 3-second which is worth all the sweat, the pain, the blood (perhaps).

Maybe if I have to provide readers a formula of successfully orgasmic writing, I’d say this is the equation:

Wholeheartedness + proper writing skills = orgasmic writing

And one more thing is the praise, the one that tells you already contribute something enlightening or life-altering. That’d be the gravy, that perfect sauce or condiment in a serving of fresh salad in the morning. That sauce is complimentary but definitely super nice to have though I’d be unhealthy to have it too much because it tastes too palatable.

So are you ready enough for the next orgasms in your writing career? And that is an orgasm of an online writer. How about orgasms an offline author experiences? I’ve never experienced such a thing and still on my way to go there. Wish me luck, people!

Author: akhlis

Writer & yogi

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