The Yin and Yang Authors: Which One Are You?


I have two major idols in writing: Haruki Murakami and J. K. Rowling. What I have observed so far from these two great authors is that each has its own style. Rowling has her own style of marketing. It’s really agressive even though I’m quite sure some acts are against her will but she simply has to do them and comply with them because those include in the agreement with the literary agent. That’s the YANG: very open, public.

And here we have Murakami in the YING side.  He shuns abundant public exposure, which Rowling to a certain extent enjoys. He is dark, unknown, secretive. As far as I can see, Murakami doesn’t show up in public a lot. Even a documentary is dedicated to him is titled : “Haruki Murakami: In Search if This Elusive Writer”, an affirmation of how ‘ying’ this author cum runner has been. In the documentary, the author himself never shows on screen, literally. Only his voice is recorded and played throughout the movie. He agrees to speak up but not to meet up apparently.

But I find another fictitious author character who happens to be an eccentric thriller novelist who hates public events so much. He avoids as best as he can to run away from interviews, TV shows, documentaries, etc. He is not an anti-social kind of guy who lives like a hermit. He still lives in the middle of his society, and functions properly there. He acts normal and being an idol even.

Japanese writer Haruki Murakami
Japanese writer Haruki Murakami (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yet the problem is he never enjoys his personal thoughts and emotions being dug out and examined, I suppose.  As a writer, one should highly treasure his thoughts and emotions because these are the materials he can make use of to wove an amazing strand of stories. To add, I’d argue that coming to the public and let people know and exchange ideas and thoughts and sentiments, and everything may be enriching to a certain point but after that an author will find all that polluting his mind.  Too much intereference, external thoughts, dissenting opinions. And being in almost complete solitude from the celebrity life style is one of the most possible ways to achieve and maintain these treasures.

What about you? And what do you think of my theory?

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