Dealing with Yoga Politics

Yes. Even a yogi or yogini (one who practices yoga) is STILL prone to the envy, jealousy, hatred, revenge, greed, competition, rivalry, unrequited love, selfishness etc. Simply because yogis and yoginis are mortals. They are bound to all these phenomena and cannot in any ways totally avoid them. They cannot escape due to their being humans. But how far can this occur to yogis? And how do they deal with it?

So I call this “yoga politics”. It is defined (by me) as “the darker, more negatively complex side of yoga”.

I as a yoga practitioner take this easy. If you ask me: “What would you do amidst a politically yogic disturbance?”, I would simply answer: BE NEUTRAL. The phrase encapsulates my strategy of dealing with yoga politics. It is not like I do nothing. I definitely react, if expected and deemed necessary, but never show or indicate a behavior or an attitude of strong opposition or staunch support towards a party. It is going to be a boomerang to me, which I do not anticipate at all.
But what if I have to side? That is more interesting as well as challenging because I need to provide more objective argument and reasoning. In short, I strive to stick to discussions of deeds, actions, remarks, behaviors that spark conflicts instead of persons, individuals, yoga schools, or any parties involved.

Thus if you think yoga practitioners are immune to politics, you may need to change your views now.

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