Why I will Never Ever Install Facebook and Twitter

Why will I never ever install Facebook and/or Twitter app for Android again on my phone? It is not a trick question. Maybe some already have the answer in their mind but let me tell you this: Never download or by any means install those two Android applications?
I have an Android handset as my everyday sidekick. A full touch screen Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It is not as pricey as HTC-produced ones, I know, or even the later more sophisticated Samsung Galaxy 3 my coworker just bought. But guess what? My Nexus is just affordable and the best thing to buy in terms of both price and functionality aspects.
Having no external data storage, Its memory capacity though is limited to 16 GB. But it turned out to be a few GBs smaller as I learned while using this. I definitely can hold all the data and apps here. No problems at all. If I record or store too much stuff on this phone, I can copy the files and save it on to my laptop. No big deal.
But when it comes to applications, your phone memory capacity needs to be ready for upcoming updates. The updates are random in frequency but one thing I know for sure is that the update fills your phone up with accumulated amount of data. I am not a geek so excuse my inability to explain this subject matter in a technical sense that looks cool to you but I am just a lay man in this case, an everyday user of Android with less than ample amount of knowledge. Yet I know for certain that the more updates we donwload and install on phones, the less storage memory capacity is left. No brainer, right?
That brings me to this idea of refusing to download mobile apps because you cannot risk that loss of memory space. So how can I access my Facebook and Twitter accounts? Installing social media apps which simplify everything like Hootsuite or Seesmic or Tweetdeck has become my solution. But if I really have to be on these two social media sites, I would just log in on my mobile browser. That is it! Accessing them on a browser looks frustrating I know but my phone has been so much calmer and works faster with roomier memory since I uninstall all apps by resetting my phone and ONLY install apps that won’t eat the memory up with such greed like Facebook and Twitter. To add to my point, my carrier is so generous by not charging us while we are on mobile sites of Facebook and Twitter on a mobile browser. Thus, my data plan is relatively ‘untouched’ and ‘intact’.
What do you think? Do you have an Android phone like me and have another point of view? Let me know in the comment box below.

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