Mini Library, My Intellectual Sanctuary

Last year, I was asked on one occasion by Donald Frazier of Comcast (if I am not mistaken),”Have you read … (Insert a literary work almost every English major student usually reads)?” He knew I am an English graduate. Quite ashamingly, I had to confess, “I haven’t.” And that time I felt like it was a slap on my very face. “You are an English graduate and postgraduate even, but you have no idea what that book is about??” I was scolding myself.
Yes, I have to confess that my reading in the young adult times has been a lot more of academic chore, instead of an intelectual fulfillment and personal refreshment of mind and soul.
I used to read a lot as a young child. I loved reading all those thick books and ah, that history textbook one of my aunt had in which I learned the French Revolution. It was an enjoyment. It was fascinating how the words led me to the imagination of the revolution where blood was spilled, much of status quo was replaced and authorities were condemned to death, decapitation, guillotine, simply amazing. The horror, the hatred, the fear, the admiration, that was all in my head. Such a great read. I still remember that was my aunt’s high school history textbook kept for years. The paper got yellow as time passed by and I found that ‘sexy’.
That said, I came to think of that. I ought to read more (real books, not web articles I can read in one brief sitting), partly because I need to and will write as a lifetime obsession and profession. I really really want to get my first book published. So I need more and more ideas and techniques.
That is why recently I have been revitalizing and rekindling my past hobby. And this mini library is just a beginning. A sprout that I fervently wish grows bigger like my perspectives and life wisdom after I peruse every and each of the books.

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4 thoughts on “Mini Library, My Intellectual Sanctuary”

  1. There will never be enough books to satisfy our passion to read more. I am glad that you are going back to your hobby.

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