On The Best Escape in Life

Escaping from the daily grind and bitter realities by means of literature sounds like the best option of all. There is some romanticism in literary works we read that simplify, deepen or beautify (whatever verbs we deem apt here) the unwanted circumstances in real life.

Literary writing or even writing in broad sense serves as the best tool to purge our filthy, calm our troubled mind and broaden the life experience which otherwise we are not aware of without reading or observing.

The escapist function of literature proves true when I saw JK Rowling proudly declaring during an interview. She stated that she would have gone mad or helplessly clinically depressed for good unless there was no literary outlet that assisted her throughout the tumultous phase of her life in general.

It rang true as I remember part of my classes in English Literature department years ago, when it was said that literature helps humans flee the hard life they are currently facing. Really, there is nothing better than literature as an outlet to relieve the pain we suffer from in life.

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