Moez Miauoi of IFC: Social Media is a Tremendous Tool

For those who know nothing about Moez Miauoi, he is operations officer on corporate governance sustainable business advisory, International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group). And this man from Tunisia thinks IFC has got something to offer to Indonesian.

Here is my interview with him on random issues related to journalism and Indonesia. I am AP and Mr. Miauoi MM.

AP: “Is the training that IFC will hold dealing with information technology skills also or only focus on journalism skills? It is because these days journalists are demanded to be competent not only in terms of writing and reporting skills but also information technology ones. ”

MM: “We will also provide them technical skills but the training will focus more on improving the reporting skills journalists need. Since they have to cover corporate governance, our training provides them too with tech-related skills.”

AP:”As far as you are concerned, how is journalism in the country (Indonesia) going?”

MM:”We had a very great presentaton today, and a panel debate which resulted two noteworthy statements: that the emphasis on entertainment is heavier than news as information; and that the lack of investigative journalism works in Indonesia is apparent. So I think Indonesia already has what it takes but definitely need to work more on it.”

AP:”What is your opinion about social media and its role in social and cultural change in a certain country?”

MM:”Social media is a tremendous tool. We all know that social media where the network is used to exchange the information during the Arab Revolution in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and so on. These tools are ones we require so as to know when, where there will be a demonstration so people can gather. Not only people (laymen) use social media now, in my country of origin (Tunisia), people use it during the revolution and after that they keep on using it. Even politicians (the new political class) in Tunisia use social media to interact with people, to answer questions, provide feedback on some claims from the public. So it has become a vital tool for the post revolution in countries like Tunisia.”

AP: “Is it really possible for journalists to combine the strength of old media and the speed of new media?”

MM:”Most of journalists of newspapers today have websites. Most of them have Facebook accounts. Most of them use the speed of the new technology alone with their own expertise, disseminating news to the public. So actually what the media are doing is they are trying to cover both the benefits of speed of new technology so certainly media are already doing that.”

AP:”What is your stance on the statement of Abdullah Alamudin (of the Legal Aid Center for Press) that a news room should suspend a scoop before it is confirmed by other news agency?”

MM:”I am not a journalist myself so I cannot give an answer. But personally, I would say the media as businesses have responsibility towards the public and with the role they play on a society because the influence they have on the public and journalism, they also need to disseminate where they sure deliver to the public as we heard the impactts previously in the past when some media reported news but its data was mistaken. So journalists have responsibility towards the public, to deliver accurate news.”

AP:”How many participants are you expecting to enrol?”

MM:”We try to have groups of 20-25 journalists maximum and we can organize depending on the demand. The objective today would be to collect feedback from the participants on how many people are ready to join this training and based on this number, to organize the workshops.”

AP:” How long is the training going to last?”

MM:” It depends, maybe the first training would be organized in September- October 2013 and then we try to scale up the other training so as we will have 2-3 training per year.”

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