Shenzhen, Losing and Getting Lost

Beware, visitors of Shenzhen …

You don’t know what you are entering now. ┬áBut for real, yes, I’m telling you the truth. It’s not as serious as murders or stabbing or kidnapping or organ theft but still this is something to report. And I can’t stand not telling anybody this: Shenzhen is not safe for tourists.

A friend lost his passport on our tour there. And that was such a devastating incident to our brief excursion! Our holiday mood was crushed all over.

There’s something suspicious about this immense city. It turned out Shenzhen has a relatively high crime rate. Our tour guide has warned us, “You’d better not make any purchase in Shenzhen. It could be fake.”

And oh my God, there were rumors in Hong Kong on how some tourists were kidnapped and missing for days and later were found dead in the garbage can with their organs missing.

Female tourists were also kidnapped and forced to work at the entertainment industry.

There are many pickpockets which target tourists, and one of them seemed to be my poor friend whose passport vanished just like that after we left the bus for hours at Window of the World in Shenzhen. There were police but I don’t think they are powerful enough to secure the people from the crime. Maybe I can safely assume this is worse than some of the worst parts of the chaotic Jakarta.

Going to Shenzhen is fine, just try to blend in and go with your friends if you don’t look like local. But if you are as tanned as me or have eyes as wide as mine, any attempt not to look like a foreigner is in vain.

The crime is high here, but considering the population level it is still a pretty safe city. Most of the crime is pickpocketing, so you just need to be smart about it. Crime in HK is very low, so of course the Hongers are gonna complain about SZ. Many come here flashing cash, dressed to the hilt and/or old and febile walking around, these are the prime targets for the thieves.

It may be high relative to the rest of China, but it is going to be less than other countries.

I have heard from people in Hong Kong say that they will be robbed if they travel alone in Shenzhen, because the people there are poor and think everyone in Hong Kong is rich.
I have never had a problem, so it may be Chinese on Chinese crime.

Shenzhen has a high crime rate compare to other cities in China. Every PRCnese person will ask you to be careful.

Saying that, thiefs look for EASY targets. Don’t make yourself and easy target and take care of your stuff all the time. Make your valuable difficult to access and don’t show them around.

There has been an increased number of fake 50 RMB bills (green color), many from taxi drivers from airport or on night shifts.

When you get changes back from taxi drivers, insist on 10/20 RMB bills (and older ones) and do not accept new green color 50 RMB bills.

Also take down driver’s name plate numeber and vehicle lic just in case you have to call in to complaint.

Shenzhen has the highest crime rate in China therefore travelers should take some special precautions and extra care in order to have a safe trip.The main crime is pickpocketing that the foreigners face quite often.You should be careful on the crowded streets , shopping areas ans especially on the public transports like metro and buses.Metro is the most convinient way of city transport in Shenzhen so take extra care for your belongings while traveling.

I always carried by back bag on my chest and did not carry anything in my pockets.Even to take 1 picture i have taken my camera from my bag and replaced it when i am finished.Carrying any valuables in your hand even for a few minutes may encourage the skillful pickpocketers to follow you and wait for the right time for them to take their action.

Be confident when you are in such places and even it is your first trip make them believe that you are experienced in the city.This may discourage them to get close to you.
Don’t forget that China is a safe country when you compare with many other countries inc. the ones in Europe so just pay little bit more attention than you usually do in order to prevent any unwanted events.

Intellectual property rights are a farce over here so do be aware that the branded item that you’ve bought might be a fake* or a stolen item.

*It’s quite a common sight over here to watch the shop vendors hide counterfeit items as soon as a spy gives word that a raid is about the take place. Once the authorities leave, the goods will come out in a nanosecond.

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