My First Graduation


Taken in June 1989, this photograph reminds me of “The Picture of Dorian Gray”. I wish to trade the aging me for the eternal youthful look. But being more greedy and ungrateful than the dashing Mr. Gray, I would also demand turning back of time.
I dont know you but as I grow older, I come to realize that I WANT MY PAST BACK. Badly. Losing youth time is horribly inevitable and knowing that you can revisit physical places and people that remind you of the past but cannot enjoy the youth back is more like a torture. The more time you spend reminiscing the past, the deeper your disappointment that you lost it already. You cannot halt the moving train of time. You can either sit and cry or stand up and face the world. Some sit and cry. Others stand up and bravely face the world without even turning back. And I along with the eternal Peter Pan inside create my own world, a present world with the flavor of the past. I may need to reconsider archeology or history as my career path other than being a contortionist or a yoga teacher or a part time English teacher.

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  1. the aging me —-> excuse me?

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