Attachment or Sense of Belonging?


The two can be mistakenly understood because no one can define the fine thin separating line. What seems to be a sign of attachment can be one of sense of belonging and vice versa.
It too happened to me once. The confusion stirred some argument between a yogi I reckon as a teacher and myself. He wanted us to find another place to practice at. But I refused. The park I usually practice at is so far the most agreeable and closest public place I have around the neighborhood. That’s I guess the strongest reason for me to stay there. I don’t have to pay higher mass transportation fares, I don’t have to walk too far (which means I can save a lot of sweat and calories I need to stack up as a hard gainer), I can eat great cheap foods soon after practice within walking distance. What to ask for more?
And at the very same time I feel like I have become the host of the yoga activity at the park. It is beyond my imagination to miss the practice at the park on Sunday mornings because usually I am there, basking under the warm sunlight while sweating and breathing deeply and standing upside down or twisting right or left. That explains why leaving seems a lot harder. It is as if I belonged to the park, or, the park owns me. Maybe it is the other way around, which seems to be how my guru views the situation.

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