What’s Your Favorite Blogging Tool?


It’s been 4 years since the first time I blogged. I blogged at first because I knew I had a lot of time to spend. That was early July of 2009, when I made up my mind, I quit teaching. I just knew I had to as I was losing my passion. Wait, I thought I had never had the passion of teaching at all. More on that later. But the point was creating blog posts and building readership was so aluring to me.
At that time, I blogged with an HP laptop as the device and blogger.com as my favorite blogging platform which I guessed the most convenient and hassle-free platform for newbies like me. No intense social media activity was done back then. I just signed up for Facebook and Twitter yet I had not yet discovered the benefits. I commented on other blogs and thus received more clicks and there I went a blogger.
Mobile blogging was still far away ahead to me. There was no smartphone, simply because I couldn’t afford it. Besides, the connectivity speed and reliability was below standard. Sluggish tools and internet connectivity that sucked so much made me cry sometimes. And I almost forgot telling you how much I loathed the moment when I was done typing my whole idea into a neatly written blog post with a lovely picture I was convinced readers would adore and then suddenly it all disappeared after the connectivity was timed out. Nothing was saved. I lost the words that were my result of 3-hour toil. I had no one to blame but myself. So I always type my blog posts first on the word processor and then copy and paste it all on my new post box.
It was such a huge mistake for me to make that I bought a WordPress and a domain of my name just to find out how unskilled and untrained I was at building and maintaining a self-hosted WordPress blog. I only relied on my hunch and instinct and without any proper knowledge and experience, it was no wonder my blog akhlispurnomo.com was such a failure. I had no valid credit card, which meant purchasing online services like WordPress and domain sellers would be very very challenging, if not impossible. I gave up. Apparently I had to sacrifice some money so I can conveniently focus on creating great content, which is my thing. I am by no means a coder, programmer, nerd, computer freak. I was wrong and learned so much from the crumble of my first .com blog. What I hate now is that someone bought my .com and I practically lose the access and rights of use even when I have the financial resources and tools like credit cards right now.
But that was the past. Accessing the web is getting much easier these days. And I am financially more stable now, which enables me to apply a credit card and buy a domain of my choice. But as I learned from the past, I am fully aware I can’t compete in terms of technical stuff. So wordpress.com seemed to be the best alternative. I know I can’t make money by publishing AdSense ads there but the app “WordPress for Android” was fabulous.
My first Android-powered smartphone Samsung Gio was bought in 2011. It was out of necessity and I didn’t really care how much it cost me as I saw it as a type of inventory. I would work with this thing literally every single day so I knew that gadget would not be a waste of money or merely a thing to show off.
But then I found out the screen was a bit small. I couldn’t type accurately here at high speed on the go. So I grabbed LG Optimus Pro in November 2011. The phone was armed with a qwerty keyboard and that’s a blessing for bloggers. Sadly it was a middle end smartphone which slows down significantly after a few months of data accumulation.
And then I bought myself Galaxy Nexus last year. It is the most reasonably priced phone with the latest update of the Android OS. I can’t complain more. I am no game freak, like some people out there are, so I don’t grumble when it comes to machine performance or storage capacity. I don’t mind the sluggishness as long as I can type my blog post fast, with no risk of losing the freshly written piece of ideas.
The Android phone was never a disappointment to me until I emailed and blogged on the go more often than before. The Nexus is a keepsake but now I am using a cheap Blackberry phone to type my blog post directly and post it on my blog just like an email. My productivity increased. And contrary to popular belief, buying a Blackberry is great, when your work involves a lot of typing. The camera wouldn’t provide the best quality pictures but in this sector, I can use my Nexus to fill in the gap. So what’s your favorite blogging tool?

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