Indonesian Forestry Minister was Pissed off by Harrison Ford, as He Should’ve been

I’m glad Harrison Ford pissed him off, as he should have. Because when Indonesians like me can do nothing but keep quiet, we are destroying ourselves. I’m bitterly happy that someone out there, out of the nation, pays attention to what is happening here and slaps us hard on our face. Because to me, actually Indonesian government doesn’t always know what it is doing to its people. These so-called leaders just get smart and people just don’t believe them anymore. I don’t believe anything in bureaucrats now. Never have, never will, provided that there are always the same people with the more or less similar corrupt mentality which apparently demolishes the entire system. I abandon the idea of participating in the 2014 general election. There is not so much to hope for. Why bother?
Harrison “Indiana Jones” Ford was supposed to meet Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the president of Indonesia, on Tuesday but instead saw the minister of forestry Zulkifli Hasan if I am not mistaken. The interview was meant for a documentary movie on environmental degradation and climate change here. As we all know haze caused by rampant fire in Sumatra is a regular man-made disaster that annoys and destroys not only the life quality of Indonesians themselves but also one of Singaporeans and Malaysians. In short, the haze is choking us all in the nearby islands and it keeps happening without much being done to prevent, which makes us so so sick of the whole vicious circle and worsening situation. Ford is known for his being an environmental activist. He has visited some national forests and parks in indonesia (something which I myself have never done so far) and managed to enrage the minister. Unhappily, there’s no video of the emotional moment uploaded on YouTube. If there’s one, I guess it’s going to be more viral than the senseless and thoughtless jackass like Vicky Prasetyo who has no idea of speaking proper English.

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