Why Everyone should Love Literature


I found the quote on Elizabeth Gilbert Facebook page and it rang true to me. Studying literature would be different from studying medical skills, and it is not as grand as architecture because piles of books need a huge library an architect designs. With JK Rowling and some very few famous names, it is clear as well that being an author is not as lucrative as, let us say, a property tycoon or investment banker or big data analyst nowadays. That said, studying and, if you are good enough to pen some nice words, creating literature cannot be deemed as leisure useless non-impactful activities. To me, literature is one of the things that separate us from other primates. We are humans because we can communicate verbally, and alphabets enables the words and messages to stay intact and to get them understood by the subsequent generations. Literature is thus timeless.
How about you? Do you think literature deserves the place?

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