Who are Journalists?

English: Juerg Vollmer, Journalist Deutsch: Jü...

English: Juerg Vollmer, Journalist Deutsch: Jürg Vollmer, Journalist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“A journalist is a person without any ideas but with an ability to express them; a writer whose skill is improved by a deadline: the more time he has, the worse he writes.”-Karl Kraus

I’m actually a journalist, too. I sometimes interview people, take their pictures with or without their knowledge and write some news on events I attend. But it is mostly about public relational type of press. I don’t do investigative journalism. I wish I could though. The sensation of providing information any other journalists cannot provide is beyond words. When you break earth-shattering news first before it goes viral, people see you that you are a journo with sharp instinct and will respect you more, at least that’s what I see.
Kraus may be true when he says we journos have better verbal aptitude but lack ideas. That could hold true for newbies like me, when we just start our carrier in the first 5 years. Yet as we see more people and talk to more inspiring figures; interact harmoniously and clash against their ideas more often, novice journos accumulate knowledge that in the end will benefit them to form outstanding ideas. I saw and knew some journos who initially only wrote about entrepreneurship and couldn’t help being a part-time entrepreneur in the course of the carrier to finally become a full-time one as they retire, resign or get dumped by their ungrateful previous employer.
Though I don’t work based on the rigid deadline system, I know how it feels to be writing every single day frantically to have 10 pieces uploaded at the end of the day. So I am ambivalent when asked about the significance of deadline at work. When is it the right time to stick with the deadline? And when is it the appropriate circumstance to linger and get rid of the worry of being too late when submitting work before deadline?

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