Can Fiction Writing Make You a Good Journalist?

So this girl called Choi Seung-yon is a graduate of a local university. The frustrated reporter works for an online newspaper called “True Story” in Seoul, Korea.
Getting bored for the unclear future of the business and being always at work without breaking some good pieces of news, she pleads to her employer,”I want to reveal true stories and let the world know about them. That’s how we can be reborn as a true newspaper company! And we’ll hire some more reporters and move to a bigger and nicer building downtown!” That’s her plan.
But the boss has another plan in his mind. “You want to do that? Then you have to write an
article revealing the truth,” says he flatly, showing lack of enthusiasm in his facial expression.
The naive Choi answered his boss,”Though I want to break such news, I don’t know how to write it properly. I need to learn how to do it.” Her boss sighs and is about to enter his own room. He knows Choi would once again preach with incredible length of time about how the small newsroom needs more improvement and advancement.
The young gorgeous employer whispered near her left ear,”Choi Seung-yon, why don’t you write a novel? That may become an article.” “A novel..,” he echoes his words.

Really, a novel? A long form of  fictional work? I’m not quite sure whether or not it is a plausible practical advice for an aspiring journalist. But I guess any writing practice would be good for any type of writing-related work.

How about you? Do you think the advice makes sense?


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