An Open Letter to Miss Samsung


Dear Miss Samsung,

You know it is hard for me to say this because you’re too artificially cute, slim and seductively pleasant to flirt with and behold. That is exactly what you got paid for, to deal with a weak-hearted customer like me who all of a sudden turns dumb when you’re around.


To be brutally honest though, your keyboard kind of sucks. No, I mean, I like its being tactile and comfortable but look at my N!!! It is not even 365 days yet but one of the keys starts disappearing already. Do I type too enthusiastically or this keyboard isn’t quite durable?


And by the way, look at this! That MacBook Air has got juicier, way more long lasting battery and backlit keyboard which I guess would be nice to type in the dark. Remember that I am a yellow mellow person, and darkness intensifies my being mellow, which is sometimes good to boost my creativity. Yet, your ultrabook cannot be lit that way, which somehow lets me down.
But what can I say? I just got this with the price less than the half price of a MacBook Air.
Despite everything, I still adore you so please don’t let me down.


A Samsung fanboy

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2 Responses to An Open Letter to Miss Samsung

  1. Nah kalau tangan saya yang ngetik itu keyboard udah gundul dalam waktu tiga bulan. Kekorek kuku.

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