Can One Not Be a Teacher after Completing a Yoga Teacher Training?

It’s been a long time since the last time I took a yoga teacher training. I took it last February and now I’m changing my mind. Becoming a teacher, especially a yoga teacher, doesn’t take a short time and it should be a lifelong transformation, a revelation which I discovered during the training. Even 200 hour training is not enough, apparently.
Instead of learning everything in a hurry, I came to understand that once again, a sheet of diploma or certificate of completion is something too shallow to pursue and to show one’s actual depth of understanding, knowledge and wisdom in yoga. That said, being registered in a global yoga related association is of course worth doing but doesn’t necessarily solve the problem of self confidence. I may be a registred, or certified, yoga teacher after 200-hour training but I am not even sure whether I can meet the people’s expectation on how an ideal yoga teacher behaves, speaks, and most importantly, does yoga. Apart from the self confidence issue, I strongly believe in the idea that regardless of how highly experienced a yoga teacher is, s/he is a student as well, a fact that will never change and that makes one always open to any new challenges, novel questions, never ending pursuits of truth and eventually, God The Almighty.
So answering the question, for now I am not saying I will never ever want to teach. And yes I will teach anyhow because teaching is not always being in a class, leading a bunch of students with the loudest voice one has, or adjusting some students with bad postures. It means a lot more than that. And because I like writing so much, I would really like to teach by written words I script, upload, or type.
And the universe seems to listen to my prayers, I have these two new friends I have never met in person before, but they practice and learn yoga and are willing to write a book on yoga, like me. It stuns me how smoothly my prayers got answered.


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