Captures of Scenes Spotted in a Train Trip from Semarang to Jakarta

Picture 1
Just a few meters from Station Tawang, these three railway workers started the day. Having no sunblock screen or parasol, they invented their own sunlight-proof working attire because in this dry season, harsh tropical sunrays sting so hurt.

Picture 2
Each Fajar Utama business class coach has the capacity of 64 passengers, compared to a Menoreh air conditioned economy class coach with at most 80 passengers. Fajar Utama costs you Rp170,000 and Menoreh only Rp130,000. But when it comes to convenience and comfort, the newly built Menoreh wins over the old, filthy and rusty Fajar Utama. The one and only thing that makes Fajar Utama deserve higher fares is these air conditioners, which cannot work effectively after leaking and owing to poor insulation around the coach. Not everyone, including the crew, gets the point of the instruction sticker saying: “KEEP THE DOOR CLOSED”. That’s because this air conditioning won’t work at its best when you leave the door open, morons! There I said it…

Picture 3
Blue collar temporary workers like them are the lowly-paid human resources in the country any companies can take advantage from. This is a subtle version of slavery and human exploitation, I suppose. But everyone seems ok and feels there is nothing to object. It is accepted without question as the natural part of being poorly educated and financially powerless.

Picture 4
These two young men are standing while waiting for the train crossing their route to work. In Indonesia, quite a lot of casualties fall due to the impatience of crossing the railway on their way to the destination.

Picture 5
An officer is positioned here to keep all the traffic away from the railway when the train is passing.
In Indonesia, there quite many cases of accidents regarding train. As I know, some spots like this in countrysides are not strictly guarded, making it possible for the impatient and dumb people to ignore the alert and the bar for arriving a minute or two faster at their destination. Some lost their limbs, some lives.

Picture 6
The non air conditioned economy class coaches are now not operated any longer, which proves to be a great idea of the PT KAI director Ignatius Jonan, because now thanks to the economic booms, most passengers can pay higher for better convenience.

Picture 7
Backhoes are being operated to make sure the railway expansion projects completed in time.
Like I said before somewhere, we Indonesians actually don’t urgently need personal transportation (low cost green cars) which means more carbon emission is produced. We need affordable, high quality mass transportation service like train for millions of people here.

Picture 8
This is what you can see through the window when the train is passing through some paddy land in Central Java. Nice.
Until I saw peasants spraying pesticide on the paddy. Indonesians especially the peasants are not really aware of the long term health issues caused by the chemical, as opposed to organic, farming method. All they want to have is more corps, because that brings more money. Environment comes… last?

Picture 9
A fishing boat of a local fisherman is seen floating in the humid afternoon weather. Like peasants, fishermen in the country are miserable in terms of welfare. They’re among the financially troubled, the most uneducated groups in the society.

Picture 10
PT KAI is now transforming itself into a better state-owned corporation. Some improvements are made and everyone can notice and enjoy it. The improvement affects directly the users’ experience. The trend is positive. I really want to see a representative public transportation in the country before I die because honestly, I plan to never buy a private car throughout my lifetime. I am no fan of automobiles or any moving fossil-fuels-driven machines.

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