Indonesia U-19 Team Won over South Korea. Sounds Awesome… until PSSI Takes over!

The same old story. Prodigies now, losers later. That’s partly why I loathe football. The drama off the field is too much. But I want to post something different tonight even my thumbs don’t really want to.
Leave the pessimism for now because Indonesia national U-19 (under 19 years old) team just won 3-2 over the Taeguk Warriors tonight at Gelora Bung Karno, Jakarta. That said, the team is officially allowed to compete in the final match of Asia Cup 2014 in Burma.
The team is coached by Indra Syafri, so make sure you don’t mistakenly credit this victory to any of House of Representatives or shitty bureaucrats or legislators like the shameless Marzuki Alie.
And tonight, after a huge downpour, Ravi Murdianto et al can take a warm bath immediately and grab some hot drinks and whole foods to curb the seeds of flu because seriously, flu is running rampant in this city these days! The weather has been extreme and harsh. One can sweat profusely during the day and get cold in an instant after being caught in the rain like today’s.
But hats of for Lee Tae-hui et al for the fair game. Some haters say they can come back and put on their makeup again but I also see some women asking if someone knows who wore number 6, admiring the cuteness of the brondongs (slang for ‘cute young men’ in Indonesian). Obviously they’re heartthrobs and we Indonesian men are already sick with this Korean Wave phenomenon, because these Korean men fill up our women’s imagination with the so-called perfection blatantly doled out by Korean screenwriters and songwriters and all of their artists through the Korean dramas and movies and songs and korea-graphers.
Evan Dimas got a hat-trick. The three goals were scored by Dimas, who served as the captain.
As promising as the U-19 team looks like, how long until the sweet victory turns sour in the next few years? PSSI must be proud of their knack for killing these young auspicious talents.

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