Social Media Festival 2013 (a Photo Blog)


There are soooo many booths at the festival. Taking place at FX Plaza Jakarta on October 12-13, the event is quite a success despite the huge downpour that drenched the sound system, making the midnight program impossible.


@bukik has this story telling movement. His mission is how to make parents these days familiar with story telling so they can bond together with children by telling great stories before bedtime.


To be brutally honest, I have no idea what this young man is doing.  Maybe he wants to prove meditating in stillness in the chaos and disorganized crowd is possible. Levitating may be the next move for him. A great job though.


Some committee members of the festival are speaking before closing the event officially.


Hello Motion, a renowned Indonesian startup, apparently is behind the festival.


Project Pop is 2 decades old already but they prove to be still relevant to the youngsters who mostly are social media addicts. They cheer up the crowd.


I never thought I would discover this book here with slightly lower price. Periplus had marked up the price and put the 30% discount sticker on it. And I don’t care. I bought it after all.


Recently I have been so wondering how it feels to be a hacker, to be Bradley Manning, to be Edward Snowden, or to a hacktivist of Anonymous. And I don’t know why all these 3 books showed themselves in piles of books Periplus offered this afternoon. Now the thing is how I could make time to read all these or these would be a waste of money.

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