On Welcoming the Rainy Season

Dark clouds, thunder, lightning, intermittent blackout. I love them all. It always feels great to see rain pouring down and seeing little sun rays. Some say somber, I call it peace. The yin side of this life that I never want to miss enjoying because when it rains, you may feel as if time stands still, nothing you can do but wait for it stopping or overflowing the earth crust. You surrender to the Mother Nature’s will. And that, to me, evokes serenity in my disturbed, restless mind. That is to remind myself of the fact that I am a super microscopic part of this universe, powerless dust in the infinite space with no gravity pulling me closer to any object or heavenly bodies. I am floating, pedalling through the dark with my limbs, no obstruction, no hindrance, only me and total freedom.

It’s getting colder day by day here, which is absolutely good. That’s simply because Jakarta is well known for its horrible temperature but now thanks to rainy season, I don’t have to get an air conditioner just like a neighbor of mine who happened to have just gotten himself the cooling machine by paying the owner twice as much the previously un-air conditioned room rental fee. Such a thoughtless waste of money, but that’s what an infatuated boy can do if asked by his lover. As long as you can afford it, why not? Splurge, have fun and go mad. That’s what partially Jakarta is about, isn’t it?

What made me say no to air conditioners is of course the potential damage it causes to the earth. One fine day, I met an American girl staying in Indonesia for Fullbright scholarship years ago. She paid me a brief visit just to get to know more about the country, the culture and society. We chatted for a while and we suddenly had this conversation on air conditioners. I said it is usually hot in Indonesia even inside the houses, and she responded like,”Get an air conditioner then!” I frowned and talked back to myself,”That sounds wrong.” And yes, I hoped she should have provided me a better, more environmentally friendly answer. She looked shrewd enough to know that freon demolishes the ozone layer up there and that’s a serious issue.

The coolness of rainy season is just fine and natural and sent by God. But the air conditioned air is just different. It may be cool but it is just different in the way that the cool air is artificially produced. Though the coolness might be equal to mountain breeze, the freshness level would be entirely different.

Rainy season would be like a hybernation period to me. Just like a polar bear in seemingly eternal winter which lasts for 6 months straight, I celebrate the cool rainy season with utter joy. I can snug under the warmth of my rather thin blanket, rapidly type on my BlackBerry and write some stories or blog posts like this.

And this is what I like most when it rains so damn hard in Jakarta, all of a sudden we have more time, spending our precious invaluable time just doing nothing. All routines neatly scheduled are screwed up. And the daily grind is put to a complete halt. But that’s not even the best part. It feels the best when the power blackout strikes!!! Yay, a part of me grumbles because electricity is needed to turn my gadgets on. But another part of me says,”What’s better than this? Social media fasting for you, asocial creature! Deal with it for a couple of hours. You won’t die after all!”

I guess that’s ok. Being idle for once in a while is an art in itself. The darkness and idleness and stillness lets me drift away…far far away and I wish I could never come back to where the chaos happens.

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