Sceneries I Imagine during My Savasana

Savasana or corpse pose is the most physically passive asana (yoga pose) that a yogi has to do at the end of practice. While some gurus guide students through body mapping or body scanning (bringing awareness to every inch of the physical body by mentioning almost all body parts from scalp to toes), I prefer letting my imagination wander to staying inside my body. I really wish I could go to these places and maybe never come back for good. There’s nothing I wanted to do here but running over and over again until I am panting and catching breath endlessly. But I cannot do it anyway unless I have some clean clothes with me in my bag. Oh, but in the world of imagination, I can take the liberty of not giving a damn to that causalities and pragmatism. Why must I bother thinking critically in such a silly way? I must drop it and enjoy my imagination instead. And this is silly because that’s what is constantly happening in my brain in the course of savasana. I just can’t stop this brain from overthinking. “Monkey mind”, as they call it. Perhaps mine is not merely a monkey’s. It is a restless owl’s, so restless and anxious I cannot keep my Self stand, or (in this very case) lie down, still even when I have to. I can’t tell what is wrong inside my head… and heart. That being said, it may take me another 1000 savasanas to really master the art of controlling the wild mind of mine.

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