Jakarta Traffic and Bob Marley

When you go out on weekdays and see the traffic is unfriendly, chances are you’ll say,”Ok fine.. This is what is supposed to happen. Jakarta isn’t itself when streets are much badly flooded by motorbikes and cars and buses.” People are swarming around the city as they have to work, earn a living, and survive the daily grind of Jakartan lives.

But on weekends, you can’t use the same logic and excuse.

Why is the traffic still horrible and disgusting even when zillions of commuters and workers are away from offices? Why… Let me know!
Apparently this city is now called BOB MARLEY because it is constantly jamming.

And because it is ultra DUMB and a sheer IDIOCY to complain about the severe traffic in this CRAPITAL while YOU and ME Jakartans are planning to get ourselves only another hundred thousands units of brand new low-cost green cars at any automobile exhibitions recently. There I said it.

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