One Sunny Sunday Afternoon in Jakarta

It is 4.58 pm and the sun is shining as if it were Sahara. Hot and humid, the weather this afternoon in the capital is very agreeable considering how terrible lately it has become in the last few weeks. Perpetual downpour in the afternoon and evening to a certain extent managed to slow our life pace down. Anxious, gloomy and somber on so many levels.
Yet, that’s the past, at least for now. This time we want to show you what Jakarta is supposed to be looking like! Yeah, it is sunny and hot and humid and so sizzling you want to take off your shirt and pants altogether and teeming around the nearby swimming pool.
I too rejoice because of this lovely weather. It has never snapped in my mind that I would say this:”I love sunrays”. I hate the sun so much when it is around too long. Things get weird when it disappears. Then I know the sun provides the vitality I am losing. My hunch is then I’m perhaps losing my ‘yang’ side and aching for more warmth and dynamics, leaving me unbalanced at the end of the day. These recent weeks have been an agonizing period of time for me. I exercise less, sit more, eat crap more and eat clean less and … Kaboommm! I have been sick, and as weak and feeble as I can be, for weeks with unknown causes.
And here she is. Nova, one of the troublemakers born to my caretaker spouses, is ready to celebrate the glorious weather right now. She will be headed to a bazaar with her parents and buy some stuff she longs for.
“Take my picture now!”She joyfully strikes a pose while on the seat of motorbike, wanting more and more shower attention. I forgive her for not being knowledgeable enough to apply the powder. She of course knows nothing about picking type of powder that suits her skin tone, resulting in a complete and utter failure of makeup wearing of the century. But that’s they joy of being a child. You can go out with unwavering confidence and boldness, enjoy whatever is offered to you and couldn’t care less about what others think of how you should look.

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