When Language is Your Passion…

You can naturally become a teacher. It is one inevitability, to say the least. One type of career you can pursue easily when no field of work is available is teaching.

You may write days and nights without no one’s telling you to do so. Passion may murder the overly passionate sometimes. Thus, know you have limits in the first place.

You don’t know how long days are and suddenly find yourself alone in the dark. It’s hard to pay attention to your surroundings because you’re so engrossed with all the cerebral things going on in your brain that others think you’re antisocial, cold, nerd. But you take it all and continue working. So be it, you say.

You don’t really mind gaining or losing weight after months of sedentary writing. Obviously, I can’t lose because gaining is even much harder. But you know it must feel great to be a muscular, physically attractive, and fit writer or linguist. Be neat. Don’t be like those shabby, unshaven, dishevelled-haired authors who don’t dress properly. It’s definitely okay to be fashionably dressed and neatly trimmed and fascinatingly groomed if you’re a gentleman. And don’t drink alcoholic beverages, caffeine in any forms, and avoid smoking at all cost. You’ll be fine and live healthier.

You want to meet more people to see if they can speak or write better and hence learn from them. Surrounding yourself with people having greater linguistic talents, like authors and seasoned journos, can be a bliss you won’t regret.

You want to spend every minute of your life writing even that requires you to scribe on leaves, tusks, typing on BlackBerrys, or PCs. But then you must know when to take breaks or you’ll break permanently.

And eventually, you wish to live long enough to write as much as you can.

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