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Tidak Peduli Usia 90 Tahun, Pria Inggris Ini Selesaikan Pendidikan Doktoralnya

Seorang kakek yang pernah ikut berperang dalam Perang Dunia II menyelesaikan pendidikan doktornya (S3) 1 bulan setelah merayakan ulang tahunnya yang ke-90. Eric Woof, sang kakek yang dulu bekerja sebagai pengajar, merayakan prestasinya itu. Ia meraih gelar Ph.D. dari Lancaster … Continue reading

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How to Tell Someone is a Hacker or a Cracker

First of all, before liberally label some cyber criminals ‘hackers’, let me tell you how “hacker” and “cracker” carry slightly yet important difference of meaning. The first has gotten its notoriety these recent years because laymen like me only know … Continue reading

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3 Cool Things to Do Instead of Plunging into the Annual Debate on ‘Merry Christmas’

Global climate change might be changing all the patterns of humanity’s life. But what one thing it can’t alter? Human’s ultimate stubbornness, to stick to one issue and debate over it year by year until we reach the acme of … Continue reading

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